Alright, so over the course of the first day or so of play, I've written down bugs I've personally experienced and other bugs that have been mentioned by other players. Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to screenshot some of these glitches but I'll try to describe them as best as possible:

  • Frame rate: Optimization was a major complaint. The Frame rate had strong fluctuations during play making it very jumpy. It was especially jumpy when entering a building. *After signing on a seeing the hot fix update you guys posted, you guys have already started working on this. Fantastic.

  • Servers: The servers are really hit and miss, with pretty bad ping fluctuations. I've lost connection a few times and other people have complained about it as well.

  • Gun skin glitch: There's a glitch with the rifle/pistol/grenade/knife skin that gives it a strange look. I'll add a screen shot for this glitch further down. I do not know how to produce this glitch as it happens frequently and fairly randomly. It may be caused during some point while switching or picking up weapons. Possibly when using the SMAW.

  • Hitboxes: The hitboxes can be really funky at times. They're not too bad but they could use a tweaking. *You guys made a fix for the hitboxes. Thank you.

  • Sound clip for gun missing when firing: I haven't ran into this myself but someone I was playing with mentioned this. He was firing his primary rifle and no sound occurred. Occasionally, I've spectated a player where this happened. The sound of the bullet hitting the environment is heard but no sound for shooting the gun.

  • M4/M16 GL sight glitch: This is another one I observed during spectating another player. They picked up an M4/M16 variant off the ground. The rifle had the grenade launcher attachment with a vertical elevation sight for the GL. After picking up the weapon, there was a strange visual glitch with the GL glitching on the gun that looked like it was flashing. After the player attempted to aim down the Iron sights of the rifle, the vertical elevation sights turned horizontal and laid across the iron sights, blocking the sights and making him unable to effectively aim. I didn't get a screen cap of this. I wish I had.

  • Bot Explosive use: I really like the bots. They're smarter and pretty dang effective in combat, hiding in corners and in elevated positions. Making it a far more tactical form of combat. However, I've found that the bots use the GL indoors. After getting hit by the first GL round, killing me the second I walk into the room, I hear 2 or 3 more GL rounds thereafter as though each of the bots were using the GL. I really like how they use the rockets and grenades to clear out entrenched positions but I've shot the bots with a DMR and after getting shot once, they immediately turn and one shot me with a GL round with deadly precision. Maybe a minimum arming distance for GL and rockets may be useful. And instead of it acting as an explosive, it works like a bullet? I'll leave that up to you guys.

  • Guns clipping through walls: I've noticed this especially with the bots. The barrels of their rifles stick through the walls, making it very easy to spot them and wallbang them.

  • Character model sliding on floor with no movement: I've seen this first hand, though I can't say whether it happened to myself or not. The character model freezes, without a rifle or any equipment in their hand, and instead of running they slide across the floor. You can still hear them shoot their guns but they aren't holding a weapon. I didn't get a screen cap of this either. This may have occurred either when switching weapons or picking one up off the ground, when the model switches a weapon, or after planting an explosive on a cache as it looks like the same model when they are holding the cell phone when they've planted the explosive on the cache.

  • Missing equipment in hand: This is in the same vein of the above point. From time to time, the character models will appear as though they aren't holding any equipment. This happens specifically when using the cell phone when planting the explosives on the cache. I've also seen it with hand grenades and smokes and so on.

  • Black skin on death: The Security forces' skin turns a very dark shade of brown or black when they die. Even if their skin was white/tan/brown ect. It only occurs with the Security forces that I've noticed.

  • Weak Pistols: This is something that other people have also complained about. The pistols are lacking the same lethality of previous games. I feel the pistols are great but are pretty weak even against the unarmored bots/players. They feel fantastic to shoot but are a little under powered.

  • Game crash and EAC kicked: I had a game crash and EAC kept kicking me for authentication timing out. It happened 3 or 4 times when I tried to get back online. I quit and restarted and it corrected itself but it may be something to look into.

  • Dropped weapons clip into ground: This occurred especially with the Uzi. When they're dropped by a dead player, they drop into the ground with the barrel sticking up. This happened very frequently.

  • Difficult to pick up weapons on the ground: This is partially a result of the above point and in general. It's pretty difficult to pick weapons of the ground. Whether it's from ping or frame rate fluctuations or because it's just difficult. It's gotten me killed several times. It's very funky.

  • RPG/SMAW fired round incomplete: If you fire an RPG/SMAW and get shot right after, the round does not register as having been shot. The rocket shell casing on the SMAW falls onto the ground as if it was fired but the rocket round is not fired. This happened several times to me.

  • Weird character movement: When the character models move in the standing position and are not sprinting, it looks like they've crapped their pants. Not trying to be funny. The walking movement model is just strange to see.

  • Incendiary Grenade damage through walls: The incendiary grenades can damage you through walls. I've taken a significant amount of friendly fire damage due to this. It damages you even if there was no sign of the grenade nearby. In comparison, the Molotov's are pretty ineffective. The range of damage is pretty bad. I've moved through the Molly's fire without damage. You can get pretty close before the flames start doing damage.
    *Correction: The Molotov's are effective with a good AOE, it was more then likely a Server ping issue. Since the hotfix, I've found they work well.

  • Door glitches: There are quite a few glitches with the doors. They don't open properly, when you break them down they fall halfway down and block view on the room without blocking physical movement (it's gotten me killed), enemies rifle barrels clip through the door and so on.

  • ADS and gun drops below the aim point: The pistol/rifle suddenly drops below the point where you'll aim down the iron sights. The gun drops below the point of aim, making it impossible to see down the sights making it very difficult to get accurate shot placement. This one is hard to explain and I'm not sure how it happened. Possibly during transition from sprinting to aiming down the sights. It happened during combat and it got me killed so I couldn't take a screen cap.

  • MK14 Optics float on gun: I noticed this while setting my rifle attachments. The optics float over the rifle. The picatinny rail does not show up and looks like the optic is floating over the rifle. This happened specifically on the loadout screen though so I can't say if it did this ingame.

  • Annoying 'Beep' sound when people use voice chat: I typically drop the volume on voice chat when playing as I want to focus on environmental sounds and footsteps unless I'm playing with friends. Even if you drop the volume, you can hear a super annoying 'beep' sound every time some one talks. I haven't found a way to mute people yet, if there is a way at the moment, and there is no way to shut off that sound. It's really annoying.

  • Failed to spawn: I've had this happen a couple times. When I start a new wave after someone completed an objective and I had died previously, the game doesn't spawn me in. I didn't change equipment nor was I in the menu. It just occasionally fails to spawn me in.

  • Heavy armor clips into character model: I noticed when viewing another players model. The groin flap of the heavy armor glitches into the characters body.

  • Bodies found in T-Pose: I found this during a point of playing. A dead body standing in the T-pose.

  • Occasional optic flashing glitch: This happened to me on the Red dot 2x sight. The physical part of the sight flashed several times until it finally stopped and looked normal.

There are other issues, as I'm finding some almost every time I play, but so far these are the ones I wrote down. Below will have the screen caps I took. If any of these, or all of these, are repeats of other's threads then I apologize. I'll add more if and or when I find them and I'll try to take more screen caps.

0_1533960996192_Screenshot (3).png

0_1533961141364_Screenshot (5).png

0_1533961284535_Screenshot (11).png





I hope that helps you guys. I'll be sure to add more if I come across them. So far, I really dig the game. I can feel the love you guys put in this and I'm very impressed. Alright, off to play some more.

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