List of issues I've experienced since playing the beta:

  • Your team is always the wrong character models
  • Your team always has the wrong voice lines i.e. Insurgent voices on Security team
  • When customizing your character some, if not all items, will refuse to preview the item when hovered over with mouse
  • Massive FPS drops, even on lowest settings
  • Lots of latency issues, will be around 70-100 ping, then all of a sudden ping will reach 1000+, which results in a lot of rubber banding
  • Hit registration can be spotty at times
  • Vaulting over most obstacles is either inconsistent or just refuses to work

Things I'd like to see in/from the game:

  • A radio identifier (to actually show the name of the person talking on communications)
  • A better throwing registration, because lots of throwables do not go nearly as far as intended
  • Kicks for afk players would be nice
  • A bar to raise or lower your characters height and weight

Even though this may come off as a mostly negative or harsh to some, just want to say when I do play this game I have lots of fun in its current state.I have genuine hope too for the future, this game is already blowing expectations for me. With all the new cool stuff to do, call in artillery as a commander, drive vehicles with mounted guns, and the tons of customization's that the game has to offer, it's definitely a game i look forward to when its final release is available. 😉