This HUD not realistic. Please remove it.

I love that we have an indicator of what item on the ground we're looking at now. I spent way too much time in the first Insurgency mashing F trying to pick up something that was just too far off center, or accidentally picking up a rifle when I meant to grab a grenade off the ground.

What's wrong with a basic indicator of how much ammo is left in mags? It's not a dark secret in real life ...

SS is not supposed to be a highly realistic milsim. There are other games if you are looking for that.

Items you pointed out I actually love and see them as an improvement. The text over the weapons is great, no more picking up a rifle when you want the nade. This was one of the biggest complaints in INS. The mag icon is not there all the time. It's only there when you hit one of your three reload options. Hold R for ammo check, tap R to save your mag (tac load) and ammo or double tap R to drop the mag (combat load) and put another in. It may show when you hit X too, not sure have test that out. If it was there all the time, I would agree with you, but since it's not, I hope it stays.

Yeah I don't have issue with weapons having hud items, but the mantle/vault/door indicators kinda annoy me

@hossnation good point. I would think they will have an option to turn that off later.

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