First off, I'm a long time Insurgency player. Haven't played it as much as some, but still have over 1,600 hours in the previous game. Just lets you know where I am coming from, and what I expect in the game. Here is the feedback I've got so far, hopefully the Devs will think about the following:

  • Weapon selection menu: The weapon/class selection in Old Insurgency is better than Sandstorm. The interface in Sandstorm is clunky, and unintuitive. When selecting a weapon/item the "sub-menu" should appear to the immediate right, instead of making a whole "new" menu. Selections should also be able to be made simply by clicking, and not by having to click and THEN click "accept". Weight and resource should be displayed prominently, so that the effects of each can be seen. If you want to see a good way of doing it, just go and copy Old Insurgency.
  • TAB during weapon/class selection: The TAB key (or scoreboard key) should let you see the scoreboard even in the weapon/class selection menu. Right now, it scrolls through options, which is pointless. Being able to see the scoreboard during this time is important, as it lets you see the numbers on both sides of the game. That means that players can manually swap if the teams are unbalanced. Disabling this function during weapon/class selection is a bad idea, as it means that people can't manually balance when they see the numbers are unfair, or when one team is getting stacked with good players.
  • Observer: The name "Observer" refers to someone who sights AND calls in for fire (specifically artillery). Having a separate commander and "radio guy" means that the radio operator is NOT an observer. Please give them the correct terminology or roll them into one class. For example, you have a JTAC ( which is an Observer that calls in Air Support. Whereas someone who is just carrying a radio would be referred to as a Signaller, or just Radio Operator ( There are multiple ways of doing this, but simply carrying over the method used in Day of Infamy is not the best idea.
  • Capture areas are too random: The "area" that you must be in to capture a point is far too random, and can only be learned by playing a map. This is a poor way of doing things, because there is no consistency between points, it is just randomly what the level creator decided to make. A better way to do things would be to have a single capture objective that acts as a central point. This could be a computer, or a radio, or a flagpole, or a sign, or a weapons locker, or SOMETHING that visually identifies the "owner" of this area and will visually change when the point is taken. This could also have a slower rate of capture if you are on the edge and faster on the center, which makes more sense than having the invisible lines in the floor that currently determine whether or not you are capturing a point. This also would make all the capture areas circular, and make them much more consistent. Capturing through walls would NOT be allowed, you would have to be in visual sight of the capture objective.
  • Spawn protection: A simple and effective way of spawn protection is simply to allow people to respawn quickly if they are killed right out of spawn. If someone dies in under 5 seconds, let them respawn right away. If somone dies in under 10 seconds, let them respawn in 10 seconds. Quick and easy, this will allow anyone spawn camping to be quickly overrun.
  • Out of Bounds: This is THE BIG ONE. There should be no restricted areas that stop people from shooting! It was a terrible idea in Old Insurgency, and it is a terrible idea now. A better way of doing this is simply to do what Rainbow 6 Siege does and mark enemies in out of bounds areas. Have areas of the map that are CLEARLY marked in the mini map, and when you enter these areas get a warning that "This area is under enemy surveillance!" and if you don't leave in 5 seconds, "Your position is known to the enemy!" Have the enemy in "restricted" areas marked, and also have any explosives (c4, grenades) within these areas marked. Combined with respawn protection, this will solve the "restricted area" problem without magically making weapons stop working.