Hi, I noticed a bug which I wasn't able to capture since the performance was and still mostly is pretty terrible for my system (sharing the DxDiag and User Settings files) - on my ancient GTX 750Ti even on 720p Low - getting terrible stutter, inconsistent framerate, strangely high frametimes and some pretty long freezes (0 fps and like 8000ms frame-time). Attaching screenshot of that - plz check the fps and frame-time graphs link text

The possible bug was when I parachuted and landed on top of another player. Wasn't able to move my character, and the other player didn't seem to be able to move either. But I could move the camera with my mouse and look around. Tried jumping, crouching, sprinting - neither let us free. Committed suicide finally.

1_1533989736216_GameUserSettings.ini.doc 0_1533989736216_DxDiag.txt.doc