On the terms of recoil and hit reg.

The beta has been great for me, rarely crashes and a good stable FPS.
How ever I do only have two gripes with the game at hand.

1st, the recoil on certain weapons seem a bit stronger compared to the source standalone.
Firing in bursts has no affect against this, its kind of difficult to clear rooms with multiple hostiles when I am looking at the ceilings after firing 2-3 shots in a single second.

2nd, I'm not sure if it is due to my internet or just how the gun play is in intended but after the recent hot-fix the gun play still feels off sometimes. Are weapons hit scanned or actually projectile based? When an enemy is moving, having sights on them and firing don't seem to hit, unless I have the sights ahead of them. Are the weapons of this game projectile based? I am curious.

Other then that, I don't have any issues with the game. If I do I'd be sure to let you know.
Keep up the great work, NWI, I look forward to future of this game. ❤

P.S. Underhell chapter 2 when?

Up close, shots are hitscan but at longer ranges you need to lead/compensate for bullet travel. Once you get used to it you'll become much more accurate.

There are some issues with hit reg though. I've had shots lined right up on targets that do nothing but these should be ironed out when the game is fully out

There's been a few times where Iv'e seen some god awful hit detection but it could have something to do with the terrible lag (that has been getting better) . Add that with body Armour it can feel like your being robbed sometimes.