• Server support for midwest players: So far during the beta I found that there have been a huge lack of support for servers in the midwest.

  • Ping Issues/ Server connection for ALL players: During the game/Matches there will be an almost game breaking bug or server issue where the everyone on one team or the entire server will experience a huge ping increase, causing mass lag. This has caused multiple game crashes and multiple freezing issues where I had to restart my computer. This issue needs to be fixed.
    0_1534002857527_20180810223121_1.jpg 0_1534002881567_20180810223318_1.jpg 0_1534002898305_20180810223457_1.jpg 0_1534002903788_20180810223526_1.jpg 0_1534002907608_20180811102611_1.jpg 0_1534002911646_20180811103732_1.jpg

  • Skin color death glitch: When any player gets shot and dies, their skin will instantly turn black as if they were burned alive or killed by a frag gernade. For example, a shot this white guy/ girl and she just turned black.


  • Seeing your own face glitch: You spawn into your body and see yourself.

0_1534004568512_Capture. insurgency borken.PNG

0_1534004579878_Eyeball glitch.PNG
0_1534004589317_.123d sad.PNG

  • No Identification box for mic chat: When playing, if you talk in game to other players, your name won't appear to others when talking, and when they talk, they're named won't appear either.