Damage feels really weak, especially on the Security side.
Even for 7.62 NATO stuff like the G3 and the FAL, it takes like 5 shots to the torso at like 30 feet to kill someone. At that range, even with armor you should still take like 2 shots max.
For 5.56/5.45 guns like the M16, AK74 and the M4, forget about it. 10 rounds if you are lucky.
The guns all feel really anemic to me. Like, in the Source, the guns all felt fine. 5.56/5.45 weren't as strong against armor as the 7.62 NATO/Commie stuff, but for unarmored people they were good, and with AP rounds they were near perfect, though costly.
Now, I have to mag dump on every single target I see.
My suggestion is to increase the damage of every gun, since from what I've seen armor is fine right now for explosives protection. It's just firearms that feel really weak right now.
Also, the AI is just broken. Even when I come up behind them, they just 180 degree one shot me in the chest, but then sometimes it is so dimwitted that I'll be standing right in front of it and I won't shoot me for like 5 seconds. And now, for some reason the Security AI developed suicide bombers, using the M3 launcher at like 5 feet. It's annoying to say the least. The actual suicide bombers were annoying enough, I don't need a extremely broken and illogical version as well.

Now the gunship is useless. Assassin (the Apache) gets taken down in like 5 seconds from coming on the scene. But now, the insurgent rocket barrage is way too powerful. Even when I'm inside a house, prone on the floor, I still get blown up every time. It's like you've over corrected from the Alpha, where the gunship was op as hell and the rockets were just really loud artillery. This might just be my experience though.
Why does the M4A1 cost 5 points? It's a standard issue weapon now for the US Army, it should be like 4 points maximum. If the shortened and expensive DD MK18 is 4 points and the crazy unique G36k is also 4 points, a basic M4A1 definitely shouldn't be more than that. Especially given how bad it is right now. But I've already talked about that.
I was in the Alpha and I didn't get to keep the cool stuff I got. And even now, most of the unlocks are broken. Like, I've unlocked the same pair of gloves twice, and it still says I haven't unlocked them.
ADD A FLASHLIGHT. Some areas of the map are crazy dark and require a flashlight pretty much.
Thermo grenades are way too fast in blowing up the obj. Lengthen the fuse to a standard grenade fuse or make it take longer to blow it up. I've been blown up 5 too many times by my own grenade.
There's a lot of good stuff here, like the customization, the map design and the guns even FEEL great to use (despite not actually doing much). But the damage is something me and a bunch of other guys have noticed, everything in the petty section is just me complaining. (Except the flashlight, we really need a flashlight in the game)