When shooting with a bolt-action rifle, I realized that my character automatically activates the bolt handle, thus ejecting the empty round and chambering a new one each time. The problem is that when I choose to reload with a half-empty magazine (say, three rounds left with a Mosin Nagant), my character activates the bolt handle a second time without having shot, and I can see the unused round ejecting the rifle, but the ammo count still stays the same. It should make you lose a round if you decide to reload half way. I don't know if that is a gameplay decision or an overlook, but a potential solution could be to implement manual bolting (for rifles) and pumping (for shotguns), just like in the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm series, which means you have to press the LMB a second time after firing to chamber a new round, and making it possible to reload half way without losing any round.

Regarding visual glitches, I have experienced some when dying (e.g. seeing through the ground; my opinion is that the screen should go black after head shots, but even if it doesn't, your character shouldn't have his eyes pierce through the ground); I have experienced floating eyeballs behind the head when choosing/changing loadout, 3rd person glitch with the hands; 0_1534009748363_20180811184427_1.jpg and bullet impacts on already-destroyed windows. 1_1534009748364_20180811191830_1.jpg

In the hopes of seeing answers to my small comments, I wish the team a great success in optimizing/enhancing the game! Good luck and I wish you well.