Helicopter causes intense server lag

Any time Security forces call in a helicopter, everyone on the server begins rubberbanding and complaining in chat about intense lag. Ping is observed to spike to over 1,000 for all players. It remains for the entire duration that the helicopter is there, usually intensifying near the end and dissolves back to normal afterwards.

I've seen this happen too but I thought it was a coincidence.

I have experienced this too.

I'm not sure about the mortars and artillery, but i think those cause lags as well (ping goes up to about 500 but it might have been just a coincidence).

Can confirm, heli lags the game HEAVILY.

Just saw it again.

The problem is specifically with the minigun chopper. Assassin doesn't seem to affect pings at all. Nevermind, she does too.

The lag may coincide with it being shot with small arms but I'm not sure.

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Can confirm this as well. Playing in Asia servers, whenever a heli support gets shot at, it will lag the server to 1000+ ms ping.

Can confirm this issue aswell. Usually the commander or the observer getting about 1,000 ping when helicopter is inbound which causing a massive server lag till the heli is gone. I hope it’s a known issue.

It happened to me too. Everyone’s ping went to 500+, some people went to 1000 and couldn’t move.

We were losing, so we called the choppers in twice with 2 minutes to go and won. Rip my opposing aussies and kiwis XD.

Yes, this has happened to me twice.

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