5.56x45 vs 7.62x51

Seems to be a few issues here between the bullet types.

To my experience, yesterday, I played quite a few rounds in which I used the Mk18 and the Mk17.

Mk18 being 5.56, I had to spray the everliving hell out of people to make a kill, while the Mk17 only required 1-3 bullets tops to actually score a kill at all.

The damage variance between the bullet types is absolutely absurd as it stands and needs to be rebalanced. I shouldn't have to unload a full mag watching blood spray out of someone with a Mk18 to make a kill simply because it's 5.56, while the Mk17 requires 1-3 bullets. The difference shouldn't be that overly comical to kill someone.

ive double tapped bots a great deal with mk18 and they went down. ive used the akm and single shot them down....there were a maybe a few random moments when hit reg went loopy but not a lot at all.

I think the main issue here is hit-registration which the game still suffers from even after the hotfix dealt with a lot of it.

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