I've noticed a few glitches/bugs. All of these have been seen while in the 3rd person spectator mode.

  • If a teammate has a mosin, their equipped scope will not appear on the rifle. Instead, it will be on the ground parallel with the players feet and glide around if the player is moving.
  • Players using a grenade launcher will have their hands outstretched directly in front of them and not holding the weapon normally. This is fixed when the player returns to using the actual weapon. Another instance had a players arms turn very thin while holding their weapon, as if they only had skin around their bone. I noticed this was fixed after I spawned in
  • While using the mounted gun on the technical, player characters will face one direction only regardless of which way the mounted gun is facing.Their arms, however, will move with the gun while outstretched in a straight line.
  • Some attachments will not appear on a players weapon while spectating them. Most notably has been the grenade launcher.
  • Occasionally a player who has a fore grip will not be gripping it while in 3rd person. I believe this has already been addressed in other posts.