So first of all I really hope you can optimize this game much better I know this is being addressed but I'm getting 50-60 fps on all medium settings and have a decent rig. That being said I am loving the game so far I just have a couple requests that I'm not sure you will address but what the heck. So I am really hoping that one day soon after release or even with release you will add Ambush as it was my favorite game mode and what's with the yelling I get its for immersion but there is a time and place and in a small room surrounded by enemies being the last one alive (whether you would know in real life or not) who in their right mind would scream at the top of their lungs "Is anyone else alive" or "Is anyone else out there" what ever they say for ALL surrounding enemies to hear and completely giving away your position I sincerely think this needs addressing. Sorry for the long winded type up but this really bugs me and just please please make the game run better! Really hope this even gets glanced at!

GTX 1080
16gig HyperX DDR4
6700K i-7
Windows 10 64bit
ROC 144 hrtz monitor