These are some of the weapon-related issues and opinions I have from playing the game the past two days.
*AK style weapons have too easy of recoil to controller compared to security M16 platform weapons which shoot a lower caliber round.
*M9 has no bullets in mag when loading the gun.
*Mosin-Nagant has the same problem where the reload animation has no bullets as well as the security sniper rifle M24 I think always has a bullet in the chamber when reloading from empty.
*Security does not have access to ACOG's but Insurgents do.... (This should be the opposite)
*PKA and 7x hunter scope has too much black on the inside of sight. (Looks like you're looking through a paper towel roll)
*Holo and Red Dot 2x options should be able to flip from 1x to 2x like the previous game.
*(Not sure if this is a spectator issue or not but) I have also seen the M4 and G36 have foregrips but the player is holding the under barrel as if the grip doesn't exist or they are holding the mag.
*The select fire switch delay is not needed. It should not take 15 seconds (roughly) to change fire from auto to single back to single in a short time frame.