Hit validation, hit box and weapons damage

Again, it is almost impossible to kill enemies even if you shoot at close range, let alone try to shoot long distance. It does not matter what the problem is because I know that they will be able to solve it. What does matter is that it needs to be solved already because it throws the immersion and the gameplay into the trash.
It's a topic that worries me a lot and that I think deserves the urgent attention of the developers.
Another thing, please increase the damage, what makes insurgency unique is the possibility of killing with one or two shots, in exchange for that I am finding that I use magazine half in the face of the guy and he does not die. It is irritating.

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Agreed. The hit detection feels VERY inconsistent, with weapons not inflicting any damage half of the time to very little when they actually do his. Granted, I've been playing co-op, but I don't really think that matters all that much. Weapon damage across the board feels like it's been significantly weakened in Insurgency: Sandstorm, especially when compared to its predecessor.

In a related note, I think it would also be fantastic if armor-piercing and hollow point ammunition were reintroduced into the game. Their absence feels sorely lacking, especially when compared to a lot of the other additions to attachments -- many of which are welcome changes, I might add -- available for the game's arsenal of weaponry.

I feel like you die in 1-2 shots with the ARs and 1 shot with snipers dont you? :S But the Hitregistration is the worst ive encountered EVER as it is now!

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@ritabalou I can´t be sure 100% , I played with both ARs or M4s/M16s and felt the same way, maybe you´re right about the ammount of shots being less with that ones, but with AKs you need almost half magazine or more to take one guy down and of course you reload and another guy shows and kills you. That throws good game flow and realism through the window.

@raizo Thats the hitreg beeing off.

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