A shift in directions - To say the least.
My first impression of the game was neutral and not surprising in all that many ways. The game is suffering from low fps even on high end PCs but that is understandable and is always subject to change via optimization. However, the game is playable otherwise but here are the things that I do not want to see in the final state of the game (Which is a month away only):

Console based loadouts - Even if it is not implemented yet. This is not COD, just remember that.

Weapons that sound weak and have very little recoil. - The firearms presented in this game should feel deadly and not feel like toys. Grenades sounds like hollywood movie-explosions.

Even on the occasions where you have good fps (80+, yeah it's not much, it's a beta game, but you get the idea) the aim down sights if you're using 2x or more, it feels very laggy. Optimization is needed here.

Cartoon-like voice acting - The characters sounds like they're in a parody film!

Leaning around corners. If Player A is leaning around a corner to shoot Player B, then Player B will barely see Player A at all, while Player A will see ridiculously better. Needs some balancing.


Sometimes you do not spawn in a new round. You're forced into spectating mode and can only press "Resupply". Happened only when playing rush as attacker.

The scopes/sights are very inaccurate compared to the previous game. Please make them more precise. Extremely frustrating when you aim directly on target, and do not hit.

Pros so far:

The game is indeed an insurgency game, every now and then you notice the old aspects that reminds you of that. Intense fights that can be over in a few seconds. "Did I kill the guy over there? I don't know". The devs captured a lot of the old feelings, but now with better graphics. Still some work to do with optimizations while staying on the right path. Do not let the good graphics ambition take over from good design decisions.