PS4 Goblin Bombadier

There seem to be various issues with the bombadier leading to the game freezing. I have spoken with other community members and they are having the same issues. When you activate the bombadier skill the game freezes and then you seem to be locked out. Sometimes I have had the chance to reroll a failed throw but on other occasions it seems not. (After a significant freeze.) After this the bombadier seems to remain buggy. (Before activating the skill he seems to move and act normally.) He even seemed to merge into an opposition player after the opposition play blocked him. But I had moved him to a different square, where the model was not showing. Just an empty circle when I clicked on him.

Also having this same issue on PS4. I even tried the challenge involving the goblin bombardier and it still did it there. Hope this gets fixed soon as it makes me not use this player in my teams.

I have same bug in PS4 and hope this is fixed soon. I dont want fire bombardier because of bug. I like that player but that bug...

I'm Spartacus!!!
Just adding my voice to the chorus of those who've suffered the Bombardier bug.

Bugs with Gob Bombardier known on PC and fixed by Cyanide devs weeks ago. But we are still waiting a patch for it...


Another Bug ?? - ON PC - (not ps4)
Bomb goes outside te field and stays there doing nothing... Nore exploding nore returning on the field...Watch the 10th minute to see the thing if needed.

Youtube Video

Few turns later another throw is attempted and the bomb came back from the side line.. Mystic 🙂

Gl with that.

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I’ve encountered this on XB1 as well

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