Helicopter and stairs bugs

Hello !
The helicopter has several bugs. First, it causes lags as soon as it appears on the server, and everyone is affected. The pings can go up to 1020. Then I hit it a second time after a teammate touched him a first time at the RPG. He then fell slowly like a feather! Finally when it crashes, it remains whole and can even pass through the walls.

Also, climbing a staircase I literally went down the stairs and I had to kill myself with my RPG ..


Yeah, the helicopter is a huge problem. Lag sky rockets to over 1000 ping everytime without fail.
I've been in servers where entire teams agree to stop calling them in to prevent the issue.
Lag spikes a last for several minutes at a time in my experience.
Puts a huge stopper in the game, not to mention that after the lag subsides everyone on one team is dead.

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