is heavy armor op?

what do you guys think? From what I can tell, it takes 3 up close 7.62x51 shots to kill a heavy armor user, I think thats a bit too much

Heavy armor is the new AP rounds, there is no real reason not to use it, you can just survive more shots.

Oh no a slight reduction in the already fast speed your character runs and the wonky servers causing inconsistent player animations and hit deteciton makes it possible for enemies to get the drop on your and still manage to survive.

An ESAPI plate provides protection from .30-06 M2 Armor-piercing rounds with a steel or tungsten penetrator.

While I agree that game balancing doesn't always fall in-line with real life, it actually is more realistic this way. It is something that will likely be addressed as time goes on though, as NWI did with INS mod and then INS2 retail.

Think it should weigh more like how much difference light carrier and heavy carrier is. Add penalties instead of nerfing it into uselessness.

@mr-snoot running around with full auto AKs and M4s is not particularly realistic either

Yea most soldiers today are outfitted with Armour plating that can withstand a .308 at least. I think its a more realistic feature and is gonna put more emphasis on head shots and explosives. That being said it seems to make guns like the "Uzi" basically useless against heavy Armour, which can be frustrating as hell.

Don't shoot the armor, they go down just fine. I still don't wear it, it does nothing against those M203's spamming at us and every time I put heavy on, I seem to get killed much faster by a M203.

@tuliottr I was an exclusively a semi user in Insurgency, but Sandstorm has forced me to go the full auto route because it takes too long to kill players at any range. The current meta is to spray and pray all the time and that makes me sad.

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@kraeyq I KNOW RIGHT!!! I just cant bring my self to use full auto... it is so immersion breaking for me.
Plus, there is some weird delay between semi auto shots, making it even less pratical. It's very sad

I agree, with no AP ammo it takes way too long to kill, and as others are saying, it makes semi-auto much harder. Imho it should block a little less or at least be very heavy so that you have a noticeable disadvantage by using it.

Most of the problems you all are having with the damage model is probably just a hit registration issue. I've never had any issues killing people before this Beta dropped.

So they need to fix the hit reg first before they start adjusting the bullet damage, armor and other things that tie into this.

In the original Insurgency, it took only 1 bullet (Semi-Auto) to take down someone.

In Sandstorm, it takes 2~4 bullets (Full-Auto) to take down someone.

Semi-Auto mode is no longer viable.

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Semi-Auto mode is no longer viable.

My M16A2 would beg to differ.

@mr-snoot Long range? sure, it is awesome. You get close range, anything full auto puts you on a huge disadvantage

@slazenger I play both, performance is still the same.

@mr-snoot said in is heavy armor op?:

@tuliottr Youtube Video

this video says nothing (especially being in coop).

just because you have a highlight with a semi auto weapon, doesnt mean it is balanced. I have a bunch of highlights with pistols on Source... doesn`t mean they are as good as rifles

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