VOICE - See & Mute?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you can't see who is using voice chat, making it very hard to know who is talking. Is this a design choice? If I'm the commander I expect everyone to know who I am, and even more so in competitive. And it feels so lonely ;_;

Also, is there even a mute function yet? Doesn't seem to work and I don't need to hear people blasting arabic allah akbar music on full volume. I think fixing these two things is really important.

I have the same issue and concern, which I voiced in a post that got barred. I would like to add that I can sometimes see my own nameplate flicker in the bottom left when I try to speak when I am spectating after a death.

This is a big concern for me as well. I can't see them leaving it like this for full release haha but yeah i definitely think just adding in a little tiny nameplate that pops up in the corner showing who is currently speaking is important and im sad it isn't established yet because nearly every match i have to ask over mic and clear up any confusion on who i think is talking at beginning of match and during. It sucks.


For the "nameplay flickering": thats the actual voice activation! If you don't see your name, there's no voice getting transmitted. It appears that the game has voice-activition in addition to the push-to-talk button. As in: first you need to press the P2T and THEN voice-activitation needs to work as well. It's stupid 🙂

I haven't had an issue with my mic cutting in and out but some friends have reported that they feel like they have to yell into their mic in order to keep it from cutting them off mid sentence.

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