PS4 no force feedback Thrustmaster T150

Absolutely no force feedback, buttons work perfectly and all, but there's no force feedback. The wheel just re-centers itself.

Probably not in game yet wate tell next update i thing there monthly

I have the g29 with the ps 4 and i have the same problem.

Same with Fanatec CSL Elite.

I have the exact same problem. I’m not too worried about it though, I’m sure the devs are working on a solution, or it just hasn’t been implemented into the game yet. The Thrustmaster T150 is an officially supported PlayStation wheel, so it’s likely just a matter of time.

I do have a question stemming off from this though. I am using a T150 pro, it’s basically a T150 wheel and a pedal set that includes a clutch. However it does not have a gearstick, so despite having the clutch pedal, I am still unable to use the true manual mode because the paddle shifters that would ideally control gear changes are being used to control the lights and horn. In the future, is there any possibility of being able to remap key bindings so I can set the paddles to shift and rearrange various other functions? It wouldn’t be the most realistic thing in the world, but at least I could have more control over what my truck is doing, and I don’t really have the financial means to buy a gearstick at this point in time (I do hope to get one eventually though) Thank you guys so much for bringing this game to console by the way! I know it doesn’t have mods, but it’s still extremely fun to play

I wanna know why a dev or manager won't answer these ?'s ridiculous if you ask me if this game destroys my 400 wheel can you say law suit. I still love the game just wish they would figure there shit out.

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