Grenade mechanics

Definitely I am not very convinced with the mechanics of grenades, by far, the way in which the grenades are thrown in the previous insurgency is superior. I am aware that comparing them is at some point useless and I do not lose sight of the fact that they are two totally different graphic engines, I´m just trying to make a point, wich is that In Sandstorm every time I throw a grenade I get the feeling that it is loaded with helium, it is not ejected like a stone but rather it seems to float in the air, it does not seem to have any weight at all.
That is not only unrealistic, but in turn, it takes away the utility of the grenade itself because it takes an eternity to fall in the place where one intends. Not to mention that the calculation to throw it is quite difficult.
I want to make clear that no matter how much my comments seem pure criticism, I like the game a lot and I see it has tons of potential, I simply express what I do not like now and what I would like them to do.

Loaded with helium... perfect analogy. Man I have been unintentionally lobbing the shit out of those grenades.

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