Restricted zone suggestion

When you lose an objective in Push, you are no longer able to use any weapons until you retreat to the next one. An understandable gameplay mechanic, but kind of annoying as your hands are tied even if you're running away to continue playing the objective. I think you should be able to stay in the restricted zone as long as you live, and once you leave it you can't re enter without the warning. This or implement a time limit so you aren't defenseless when retreating.

There are some restricted zones that seem pretty senseless and arbitrary. For instance, when defending in Oilfield on Push, to the far left of A there's a corner. You can't get in the corner, and the corner provides no unfair advantage, it's just a place to take cover.

It is completely unneccesary and is the main cause of my and many other's frustrations.

It does not need to be present in this game. It kills of any immersion and suddenly shows up.

As in 1 move 1 meter and I suddenly cannot shoot the guy?

Either implement it in a way such as warthunder whereby It warns you for a while that you are travelling of the map and still allows you to fire and play as normal. Or just get rid of it completely and allow the whole map to be playable. An other example where it has been implemented better is Red Orchestra and Rising Storm 2.

The following video by JackFrags has a clip (starting around minute 10) which accurately describes the frustration with the system many players feel.

Youtube Video – [10:04..]

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