What just annoyed me to no end...

We were defending the last objective.

I called in a gunship for support.

It immediately SOMEHOW killed three friendlies due to close quarters combat I am guessing - there was plenty of targets far away from us.

I got kicked from the server. For what an AI helicopter did.

Has happened to me, word for word, exactly the same situation.

Please remove friendly fire from the helicopters NWI.

Calling a gunship on your pos is a risk, take the risk or not. Either way face the result. Don't call for support through smoke or if you have a twicher boy running around you like fool. If it calls on the back of his head or on smoke, you just called it on your pos. It's no different than having that same twitcher boy that keeps getting in your line of fire and you kill him. It wasn't your fault, but you still got the TK. Get enough and you are still banned.

You should also tell your team what you did. Don't let it be a surprise. If you don't have a mic you shouldn't run CO. You have to talk.

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definitely need to do away with friendly fire for support attacks.

I wouldn't remove the friendly fire, but i would remove the remove from server after 3 team kills for the gunship or the strafe, and i would add a map marker for incoming friendly support so everyone can take cover, maybe even a notification saying you're in the danger zone.

A gunship starts the assault with a rocket barrage strike. Then guards the area and engage enemy with explosive 30mm rounds.
If you call it on your own position, means the initial rocket strike will hit your position.

@thenickgann Removing team damage from air support will make it easy to abuse. As one can easily call in strikes on an objective you are defending while you are in it without fear.

The strikes are working as intended. Just the commander is careless.

Support definitely should still TK and not receive a nerf that would allow for wide abuse of the system and essentially wipe player responsibility. The way I see it there are a few QOL balances that need to take place to improve how intuitive support assets feel and how they interact with the team.

  1. Commanders should really be mic'd up ideally, but on top of that called in assets should provide all team players a VO warning for incoming. A secondary VO warning could also be sent out if a player is in the killzone ala, "Hey $h!T head! You're in the killbox! Get out of there!" ,to provide fair warning to either exfil or find cover.

  2. Remove the auto TK asset penalty for the CO and instead replace it with forgive/punish for the TK'd. This at the least creates the opportunity for a player who pulled a stupid to forgive the CO when they shouldn't have been in the killzone and punish a CO for pulling an equally stupid move like calling support on occupied spaces.

  3. Areas of active support should be highlighted on your map when opened up so even if you miss the duel VO warnings and for some reason don't hear a mic'd CO you'll have no excuse as to why you didn't know support was incoming in a certain location for a certain frame of time.

Solutions are out there and can be thought up. People should think more and complain less. You'd be surprised the good ideas you could come up with.

I think they should add a basic grid system. When the battery or aircraft calls it accepts the mission it should say the grid, check your map and see if you are near the grid.

This is Insurgency, keep the Friendly Fire. Fire Support is already so easy to abuse, I'd rather see the entire system dropped from the game. 16 v 16 is too small for it, it just gets in the way of the house to house fighting that the first Insurgency was known for.

Personally as a commander, I am against this idea. If I call in a shitty fire support I should have to own up to that. In the future I won't be making the same mistake again. I will be getting better at being a commander.

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