It's only the beta and the game is already chock full of trolls. Right now, there's no way to deal with them, so they can just run amok without any consequences.

First match of the day, and we've got a team killing troll. He follows me around knifing me constantly, until I get sick of his bullshit and make him eat lead. He respawns and immediately starts harassing me again, so he gets another face full of lead. Now I'm at 2 team kills, so if I kill him again I get kicked from the match, so I decide to make him follow me out in the open in hopes that his dumbass will get shot by a sniper... instead, he pulls his rifle and shoots me in the back and then insults me over text chat.

It's like I'm back in middle school, where people are allowed to be assholes and if the victims defend themselves, they get punished for it. Lovely. Everything goes through matchmaking, meaning no server admins to deal with situations like this. Great system, guys.

I don't want to play any more of this until we have a way to deal with these fuckers.

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