Observer Class Ability to Capture Objectives Slightly Faster (Suggestion)

Based off from Day of Infamy's Radioman class ability, the Observer class would have the ability to capture objectives faster than the rest of the classes.

If there is no Commander, then the Observer class stays useful by their own. To counter the Observer's ability is to weigh the class down more. Don't know how realistically. DOI has a good reason why with a heavy WW2-era radio backpack.

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If the time to capture an objective was longer (like DoI), then I'd agree and support you.
So far the cap times seem fine (for now).

Totally agree.

I think around a 25% capture bonus would be about right, given that the radio isn't particularly heavy.

I feel like the breacher would be a more effective class to utilize a faster capture speed . The observer is most useful near the Commander and both of them should be further back from the objective to get a better view of the battlefield for calling in airstrikes.

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