Lessen the Saturation of Brightly Colored Insurgent Clothing (Please Change)

Between Security and Insurgent customizable clothing, the Insurgent clothing has access to bright, saturated clothing. When playing against Insurgents, I find and target Insurgent players in P.V.P. wearing Red, Yellow, and White-colored clothing faster than Insuregent players wearing the usual Dark or camo-colored clothing.

I believe that either the colors need to be less saturated or that those colors are taken off completely. I find some of the available colors ridiculous for battle-harden Insurgents wearing them that obviously stands out in the environment. There will be players who will go for the most expensive clothing with the brighter colors just to look cool or show off that they have credits to spend, affecting their chances of survival and how they become easy targets to spot.

I know that smart players won't touch or customize their characters wearing bright-colored clothing and that those brightly-colored options are expensive at the moment, but to keep the general asyemmtric design compared with Security's customization and to keep clothing styles realistic in a middle of a faded-colored war-torn environment, bright colors don't fit.

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yeah insurgent clothes need to be made a bit more dirty and darker, kinda weird when u see terrorists running around with a clean bright purple hoodie and shit

Bright colored Insurgent players are pretty cool in co-op though, then it doesn't matter - or if anything it helps to prevent friendly fire.

@maa_bunny I was about to respond in agreement with Bluemouse but I really didn't think about that. While I do think some of the options are too bright, it'd be nice to have those options for co-op.

Their choice their life.
Insurgents wear anything IRL. Including white, etc. If people want to be spotted easily and killed in PVP that's their problem and that's not an immersion problem, since it happens to be realistic.

Seriously you got pics of insurgents going into battle with shorts and sandals, bright red shirts, snipers fully in white with a black turban, and you had a fucking ISIS commander with a hello kitty note book

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It's not like there's a lack of subdued color choices for Insurgents, so I don't feel like there's a need to remove any choices from the game. It might be nice down the line to be able to customize your character differently for co-op and versus.

@tohkai DUDE, I want to see that picture of that ISIS Commander using a Hello Kitty notebook! Sounds hilarious. Similar to the one ISIS Commander who was compared with kebab meat.

Aside from that, as much as I love NWI for attempting to develop a welcoming hardcore FPS, I feel as though there are certain aspects of customization that should make sense in terms of balancing as a video game.

I predict that for some people, they'll customize themselves just to look cool, and then claiming the game is too hard because they get killed too easily. On the third day of BETA, and it's still easy for me to spot Isnurgents with bright colors, but yeah, it's the player's choice to wear bright shades in a desert environment during wartime.

@maa_bunny Yeah, I feel players will naturally not touch any of the brightly-colored clothing at all, but just in case, I wish NWI to consider this post so they'll lower the saturation and brightness of the clothes so they'll retain the number of options for the Insurgent faction players to wear.

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@zakcha I think so too. I just want NWI to less the saturation or, based off your idea, dirty up the clothing so it'll look appropriate comapred with the tone and the environment of the game.

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