The bolt action snipers are too weak, 50% of my shots dont kill in 1 shot.

this game is supposed to have a hardcore damage model right, having to headshot for sniper kills is retarded as fuck. Please fix

the game is great btw xoxo : )

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@zakcha With the rifles currently in-game, chances are you won't drop them in one chest shot if they're wearing heavy armor.

Sniper rifles aren't more powerful simply because they're sniper rifles. Every sniper rifle in the game fires more-or-less the same bullet as many of the battle rifles.

@maa_bunny yes, and both should kill in one shot. you would find that on the real battlefield 99% of people would go down with a single center mass shot of .308

@maa_bunny They dont, all the bolt action snipers have "AP" ammo. It says on the stats when ur in the menu

@zakcha Huh, I haven't noticed that. Doesn't really make the round more powerful, but it should increase the lethality of hits to armor.

For the sake of balance, bolt action rifles should be fatal if shot in the head or chest.

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