Just a few small suggestions. I spend a lot of time as commander and observer so much of my feedback concerns them.

  • Allow magnifiers on 2x red dots/holos to be toggled. It's realistic, useful, and I'd gladly pay 3 points for it if I had to.

  • Commander binocs should ignore player collision models. Too many times I've had someone peek or pass in front of me right as I call in fire support and our teammates end up getting bombed. It's extremely frustrating.
    Bad hitboxes on the environment can also ruin your day - you think you've aimed over a hill or fence but its actual model extends a bit over the visual, making you bomb yourself.
    Replacing the commander binocs with rangefinders would help to alleviate this.

  • Commander firesupport should be exempt from teamkill autokick — mostly because of the above scenarios, but even when you aim well and communicate with your team some hard heads will always run in like they're bomb-proof and get killed. I've seen observers get kicked for this too even though they didn't pick the target.

  • Make the commander diamond more obvious. The white is barely distinguishable from the standard light blue. Obs and commanders asking for each other's positions pollute coms very often.
  • Increase vault detection tolerance a tiny bit. There are portions of the maps which clearly expect you to vault to move on but require a lot of finessing your position and camera direction to make it happen.