Bots laser-accurate with GLs

Just as the topic says. Sometimes you'll end up in a round where one or two bots have rifle-mounted grenade launchers, and they'll
a) never, ever miss and
b) barrage you with as many rounds as they're carrying.

I get that it's realistic, because you're damn right if it was me I'd be spamming those grenades too, but they're wiping entire teams with one bot who just plain doesn't fire unless it's a kill. This wasn't an issue in the alpha so I imagine that a value got tweaked for the beta that had this effect.

I would say the issue isn't the accuracy but that they shoot 4+ rounds between them in a really short time. It shouldn't be their immediate reaction to one enemy poking their head around the corner everytime. The amount it is being used it similar to how Metro plays in BF4.

Yeah they shoot all of their GL's within a second and kill everyone with it. There is no loading for them and yeah they like to do single target destruction with them. That and about 90% of my deaths after the hotfix are purely from these things.

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This is mostly a Security bot issue but I frankly lost count of how many times I have spontaneously exploded in the open without ever seeing anyone or hearing anyone fire a shot, as if Allah himself smote me for not being a good enough Insurgent.

Or Case B, where a bot with a grenade launcher fired it at me immidiately upon turning a corner and seeing me, at very close range, with zero regard for his own life and killed both me and himself instantly before I had a chance to shoot him. And then he respawns a bit later and does it to someone else.

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I think they will fix in beta #2..... hope so......

Died 4 times in a row like this. Ruining the game for me. There is not even time to switch to the under barrel aim and launch, just boom as soon as you spot them. Cant even raise your gun in the time it takes.

Also are we missing the grenade clink, clink sound which gave you opportunity to run for cover? If i recall the original had this? They even told you "throwing a grenade" or you got an "RPG!" shout. May not be too realistic but adds to the game play as phantom deaths are too common. 1 minute you are in cover next you explode without knowing why or from where.

bots are 9/10 completely inept at using the actual gun part of the gun in almost every circumstance, and then become 1000 iq physicists once they equip the grenade launcher and hit you like artillery from across the map

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