Shooting at specific objects caused massive lag spikes for everyone

Using the M249 I was shooting at a metal structure with another metal piece attached to it, i was trying to shoot at someone from a distance but found it out. Either the particles generated or other strain on the server affecting everyone.
I will show the location later if I can get on the map again.

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This is the location, its apparently a steel wall with wood in front. So something causes massive lag when shooting at it too much.

May or may not have cause a server to crash...đŸ€

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@teavice Was there any fire support called in when you got the lag spikes or can you reliably replicate the issue when shooting that metal part?

@mcfosat nope, not once when it occured, I repeated it many times to insure that it was in fact causing the server lag.

Hmm, I wonder if this is related to fire support causing lags. Maybe they are hitting some specific objects like the one you've noticed and that's the reason of getting 1000+ ping when the choppers are called in.

@mcfosat MY guess is the particle effects being generated or the calculation of bullet trajectories (or both).

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