This glitch make me feel kill my self

Some how sometimes I spawn in 3rd person view, glitch!
And I can do nothing else then to kill my self, cos i can't see shit out of body.
Except i can throw grenades.
Please fix this ASAP

1_1534055062496_20180810145537_1.jpg ![0_1534055062495_20180812115210_1.jpg](/assets/uploads/files/1534055064756-20180812115210_1-resized.j

I managed to fix this when it happened to me by switching graphic settings to window mode and back to full screen. It made the game reload the graphics and fixed my model view point. It was creepy to see my own eyeballs :p

i found an even quicker fix. literally just press the start menu and exit it and the first person camera is back.

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