Death by random explosion in CO-OP?

I keep getting blown up by things. Even when there is not an enemy in sight.

My most recent occurrence which had led me to create this post, I spawned at the second checkpoint on Farmhouse after dying. I ran to the left, went around the corner and exploded.
There's no visible or audible excuse for the explosion. No mines, no incoming nades, no enemies nearby.

There was not an enemy in sight or anywhere near me.
I just blew up without warning.

I've noticed this happening fairly often on different maps. What is this?

Mostly grenade launchers. The AI uses the shit out of them.

I probobly get blown up about twice as often as I get shot.

Sometimes i blow up in a cluster of explosions, like 2-4 grenades are going off on me at the same time (no artillery barrage or chopper)

Again, there were not bots anywhere nearby.

I just blew up. No launcher sounds, nothing.

Just blew up. I have no other way of explaining the situation to make it clearer.

The enemy can also call in mortar/artillery strikes. Sometimes it's once per objective. You can either hear an enemy unit screaming about it a half-minute before it goes up, or it also shows up in chat (At least dead chat. Don't know about living.) But like MAA_Bunny said, the AI love their 'nades. At first sight they'll just pop them off, not even giving you a chance to see them at all.

They're absolute snipers with the grenade launchers, that or it was an apache

the same thing has been happening to me, i have deduced that it is the aimbots with noob tubes. this is the most frustrating part of the beta for me, as well as spawning in and having a few enemies right there to insta-gib you. but the random explosion deaths are by far the most aggravating.

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