Replace current Insurgent x4 scope (ACOG) with Russian x4 Counterpart (Please Change)

PLEASE change the standard Insurgent x4 scope with a non-American or Russian x4 scope. I have found picture examples of real Russian scopes, particularly the NPZ 1P29 scope. That, the current PSO-1, or the old PO4x24 scope from INS should replace the ACOG for the Insugent faction.

alt text

alt text

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100% agree. There is already a PSO-1 (x4) scope in the game for the INS, under the marksman class. They can just replace the ACOG with that, done.

The ACOG needs to go on to security weapons also.

@jarple The thing is that the PSO-1 may be too big for the AK assault rifles or that it'll look weird from a first-person view.

I've noticed that there are different models of scopes, but with the same magnification, so the Insurgent Faction's x4 scope should be something else.

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The scopes you posted were in the first INS, but it requires the devs to make a whole new model. The PSO swap over would be the easiest thing. I'm down for any russian scope to be on the AK, just not the ACOG lol. That should be on security side.

@jarple NWI technically does still have time before the realease date, and they are currently updating and sharpening current and new models. I'm not going to assume it'll take like 2 weeks to complete, but working off from the old PO4x24 scope from the older model wouldn't be too difficult.

But the old PO4x24 scope in reality is too rare for actual Insurgents to get for a wide armed force, but if NWI want to go that way, I don't mind a bit of fictional equipment.

I hope they either create a new model as the standard x4 scope for the Insurgents or make the PSO-1 scope the standard (which is easier to do), but I don't know if the scope will look too weird or out of place on an AK assault rifle. It's up to the developers on whatever they want to go.

@BlueMouse Did you read wiki about it's rarity too? ahaha

@jarple Yeah, pretty much! Lmao

Then again, it's not like the PO4x24 is widely known or seen usually when watching recording of current Russian soldiers using this kind of scope so I assumed from what the INS Wiki said, I believe it. I usually see the models of scopes from the picture I provided, and I believe they're more widely used since they look like they weigh less and it's less bulky.

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