Suicide bombing option

Exclusively for Insurgents.
Loadout for the suicide vest should be under the "Armor" section.
Suicide bombers should only be given a pistol with 1-2 reserved magazines; no primary weapons whatsoever.
No other explosives but the suicide vest are available for the suicide bomber.
Cool down for this feature is up to you.

This addition to the PvP modes would give memorable experiences and annoying fun to the players who use it or are used against it.

last edited by DOCTOR skrub

I think it would be better implimented with a dead man's switch so you explode when you die unless killed in melee, but you still get access to weapons (though no body armour as it should take this slot).

Dead mans switch would be risky business if you where surrounded by team-mates, that would be a sweet opportunity for some multi-kills .

A dead man's switch would be more likely result in a lot of unintentional tk's. Instead of it being a whole new class, it could possible be part of the demolition man's kit for insurgents.

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