Player models

Why are all the player costumes so uniformly distributed on the body? A simple change in wrinkles and shadows would go a hella long way to improve the third person visuals of this game.

And models need pouches and straps all over the place. In a warfighting scenario peeps have more than a gun and jean's on. It's perhaps a simple fix that could really improve the immersion of the game by aiding third person character models.

Thanks. Yeah I feel like the models look too thin. Some bulk in terms of folds in clothes and pockets that look full on arms/shoulders etc. would go a long ways i think.

Look at any triple a modern shooter. Character models are complex almost to the point of cluttered, but that adds to the look of the player models.

I really hope they can improve the models. It's a shame because weapon models look incredible in first person and player models look quite dull in third.

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