Burning animation is rubbish

Firstly , glad fire has been buffed from the original game. Running through a fire ball going ouch! ouch! and getting a little damage was daft. It makes sense that if you touch burning fuel or phosphorous, you will ignite and die horribly

So why don't characters catch fire and run around burning for a while? They die almost instantly and then start to glow like they are de materialising in star trek, then turn into black glass.

Would it be to much to extend the flames graphics to characters and have them burn properly? It just looks plain silly at the moment.

PS. think grenade and explosive kill animation and results are great, just sometimes get a twitchy corpse!

I have also seen (or not) invisible fire in this game too. Was a common problem in INS2. When it's there is looks great. I have also noticed the frags are sometimes completely ineffective against BOTs, again a problem in the first game. Watched in 3rd person as someone fraged a position. Saw the BOT there, it was right at his feet. BOOM he just shook it off and killed the player when he came around the corner. Needs some work for sure.

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