I had an issue when joining the game that doesn't show the side you're on.


Switching between "Game" / "Class" fixed the problem for me in that case.

Incendiarys sometimes are not visible. I don't have a screenshot yet, but sometimes you just see a black explosion of the grenade on the ground, you hear the sound of the fire, you get damage in the area of the grenade, but you don't see the flames.

And another one, and I don't think it's a bug, but a bit strange to me; I'm not an Insurgency vet so excuse me if it's normal for you.
You don't have the option to put a suppressor on any rifle for the Rifleman (what I played mostly) in the Skirmish Mode. But it's not possible for that class ONLY in Skirmish mode.

I think the only classes that are allowed to put on a suppressor in Skirmish are:

Breacher / Advisor / Marksman

Is there a reason for that?

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