1. There is a significant delay with hit registry. It seems to be more of a problem at distance, but I can hit a guy with a string of 6 rounds and there is a delay between my hits and when the player registers those hits. I confirmed that others in the server I was in experience the same. Ping was around 50 at the time.

  2. I am still missing a torso
    8_1534108576995_Torso missing.jpg

  3. I was playing and died. While dead, I was adjusting my loadout so that when I spawned again, I would have a different gun. I spawned while still editing my loadout. I spawned just behind my body. I was able to run and play like this.

7_1534108576995_Spawned while adjusting loadout 3.jpg

Running again:
6_1534108576995_Spawned while adjusting loadout 2.jpg

Stopped standing:
5_1534108576995_Spawned while adjusting loadout 1.jpg

  1. The proportions of the model are completely off. Arms and hands are 50% size they should be.
    4_1534108576995_Model scale not right during loadout.jpg

  2. If I remember, I was watching a teammate set a charge on cache. Weapon missing and/or wrong animation for this event.
    3_1534108576995_Missing weapon while setting charge on cache.jpg

  3. Hideout splash screen missing. I got a giant white screen. I think this is a known from Alpha.
    2_1534108576995_Hideout splash screen missing.jpg

  4. Player was shot and not burned, but skin texture changed to charred look instead of normal flesh, but dead. Odd.
    1_1534108576995_Changed to charred flesh after shot.jpg

  5. Missing my entire body.
    0_1534108576995_Body missing in loadout.jpg