I only share my opinion but having participated in the alpha since January this beta is just unplayable the ping is horrible and the patch does not help, 7 months to improve the game and we are given camouflage? Seriously kept them.

The strong point of insurgency is precisely the side fluid and dynamic and able to turn on modest configuration, I have a gtx 1080 and I barely exceed 40 fps in low and we are 1 month of the launch I'm afraid for the future .

The hitbox is rotten because of the servers the lag is almost constant it ruins this phase of beta the game was better in Alpha version, the competitive mode hahaha is a joke.

I have 800h on insurgency and I love getting games for months asking us for an Ambush mode on sandstorm signed the petition https://saveambush.org/.

In summary I do not advise anyone to pre-order.

(Sorry for my english but I had to give my opinion)