Damage Model and Hitreg

Didn't this game move on from Source? Right now it feels like CS:GO with fancy graphics. The M4A1 is like the M4A4 with all the hits it takes to kill an enemy. Isn't Insurgency all about two shot kills? And there HAS to be something wrong with hitreg. My shot accuracy is like 20 %. Don't tell me it's travel time or bullet drop because the it takes less than two-tenths of a second to hit a target with an M16 at its accurate range of 144m. Also, I've seen teammates spray a mag with a Mk. 18 through a door only to find six enemies unscathed. I can post a video once I get more gameplay down. It's going to look a lot like this. The only thing that feels right are shotgun slugs, which actually one-shot kills to the abdomen now.

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Toss a nade into room filled with enemy bots : none of them hit, I walk in and die instantly where there should have been enemy bodies.

I've been feeling like I'm missing far too much myself as well, wasn't sure if I was just shit and making up excuses but if other people feel the same maybe there is an issue. I've had quite a few situations where I've fired a dozen rounds at a target feeling like I'm hitting only for them to be unharmed.

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