Add a 7.62 Semi-Auto Rifle for the Security faction (Suggestion)

This is a small suggestion to add a semi-automatic rifle for the Security side to potentially increase the balancing between each faction's weaponry.

Whatever the 7.62 Semi-Auto Rifle should be, should be a available for Rifleman, Advisor, and Marksman.

If adding a 7.62 Semi-Auto Rifle is determined ahead of time, then disregard this post's suggestion.

I have some ideas for a powerful Semi-Auto Rifle if adding one isn't planned ahead (all of them loaded with 20 rounds):

L1A1 (From INS)
M14 (Classic Rifle)
SR-25 (One of US Armed Forces' standard Marksman Rifle)
L-129A1 (One of British Armed Forces' standard Marksman Rifle)
RFB (Based off of Brightside's popular Mod that replaces INS's M39 EBR)
SCAR-SSR (Generally a Marksman Rifle Version of SCAR-H)

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There is already semi-auto capable weapons shooting 7.62 in the game for security... It's the G3 (rifleman, 20 rounds), SCAR-H (advisor, 20 rounds) and some kind of Mk.14 EBR (marksman, 20 rounds). All you have to do is toggle the fire select to semi. Try the G3 on semi-auto mode with a fore-grip... It's a hard hitting, controllable beast.

@jarple No, the point is that there should be a Heavy Semi-Auto Rifle that does not have the capability of select fire, like Insurgent's SKS.

A Semi-Auto Rifle can be another option for the three classes I've mentioned for a more diverse weapon choice, especially for the Marksman class. maybe as the cheapest option under the Bolt and the Battle Rifle.

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@bluemouse Just put the already available guns to semi. Solves that problem.

@hthc-galthor No, the point of this post is to offer the Security faction a Semi-Automatic Rifle that is a counterpart of the Insurgent's SKS and SVD rifle.

I believe an only Semi-Automatic Rifle can be a cheaper or inbetween choice for specifically the Marksman class under the Bolt and the Battle Rifle OR Bolt, Semi-Auto, and Battle Rifle.

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Meta is, mo' bullets, no problems. SKS is trash and so is any semi or bolt gun. To compensate for lag and hit reg issues you need an automatic gun.

@hthc-galthor This is a suggestion for the final release, or for an update, after the optimization of this game's graphics and FPS is stable.

I want to post this now because I have been playing both INS and INS:S, and liked using the L1A1 sometimes from INS, and I personally like to use a Semi-Automatic Rifle in INS:S as Security if it can be done or if it's planned ahead to add one soon.

@BlueMouse Is this for Push game mode or Firefight?

@jarple All game modes. A permanent addition to the Security faction's arsenal.

@BlueMouse Well the thing is, in Push, Security Rifleman has the G3, M16A4, G36K and the M4A1. But in Firefight, they only get the M16A4, G36K and the M4A1, leaving out the G3 as the only 7.62 option for assaulter/rifleman. So whats up with that?

The direct counter part to the SKS is the G3. Both 20 rounds, both 7.62. SKS slightly better at range, G3 better at CQB than SKS.

The direct counterpart to the SVD is the Mk.14 EBR. SVD is at a disadvantage here, only 10 rounds.

However in firefight, the G3 is taken away from security, so there is no counter-part anymore, which could be unfair. But in push, there are counterparts.

People will most likely mod in the guns you've suggested. I want as many guns in the game as possible, no doubt. But what's so different about the G3 compared to the L1A1? They both shoot the same round, both have 20 rounds, they have a similar frame/silhouette. Only difference is that the G3 has an extra full auto mode, so the L1A1 is pretty much obsolete when it comes to a game-play stand point. It all comes down to the bullet being fired and barrel length. The frame doesn't really mater.

@jarple Yeah, I'm thinking it's for balancing reasons.

As I said in this post, the Rifleman, Advisor, and the Marksman should have access to this weapon, so maybe for P.V.P., a Heavy Semi-Auto Rifle should be available with some, not all, appropriate classes.

And since you mentioned it, I really think that having both the G36K and M4A1 is unnecessary since they both perform very similarly.

@jarple From thinking about it, this is a good explaination of the asymmetric weaponry between the Security and Insurgent factions in INS:S. Back from INS, the carbines the Insurgents had were two semi-autos and one automatic (M1 Carbine, SKS, & AKS-74u) while Security had all three of them fully automatic (M4A1, MK18, & AC556), so for heavy rifles, this applies the same way I suppose.

I don't know for sure if an addition of a Heavy Semi-Auto Rifle for Security doesn't matter or it does too much and will screw with the balancing issues, but hey, whatever happens for the final realase and potential weapon updates, I'll like whatever happens.

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Yes, please also add AR10, HK417, ParaFAL, MPT-76, SVD, PKM

@thatbadass The SVD and the PKM is already included in the game, and PKM is an LMG.

For the rest of your recommendations, they are all possible and current choices. Hope NWI considers adding a heavy Semi-Auto Rifle soon for Security!

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