Have an Option to Wear No Scarf/Scarf Around Neck for Insurgent Faction Customization (Suggestion)

A small suggestion for more customization options for the Insurgent side. Would be cool to see how the insurgents look unmasked, aside the fact they have to hide their faces not to get identified when hiding as a civilian.

Scarf Around the Neck is a cool option to do for BOTH sides with the unique complex designs that are stitched on the scarf, especially for the Security faction.

alt text

alt text

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@bluemouse That would make the teams look way too similar, there's already a problem with CT players and their Hijab's running around and getting TK'd. You do not want the models to look the same.

@hthc-galthor OH, I see, didn't consider that taking off the Scarf mask for the Insurgent faction would confuse who's ally or enemy.

I guess the Scarf Around Neck for Security only would be a better suggestion.

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