Bring Back All English Voice Actors who were in Day of Infamy (British, Canadian, Australian, WW2 American, African-American, Indian) (Suggestion)

British, Canadian, and Australian mercenaries exist, so it'll be cool to hear back the voice actors who helped out with Day of Infamy.

I don't know if hiring those voice actors again were planned, but hearing their take in contemporary warfare would be awesome!

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@bluemouse I'm like 99% sure that the "Spec Ops" voice who is listed as (American) is the same voice actor that voiced the US Army in Day of Infamy.

@marksmanmax Cool! I actually haven't noticed that those voices are the same voice actor.

Which is why there's more a reason to contact the voice actors they have worked with again! Them including the voice actors who voiced the Indians (12th Frontier Force Regiment) and the African-Americans (92nd Infantry Division & 761st Tank Battalion). Seeing how the Spec Ops Voice actor sounded so differently compared with their voice work in DOI, it is awesome and interesting to hear the rest of them again reacting to modern warfare and the BS that happens.

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