Some comp feedback

So should we have tied comp rounds? This doesn't look right.


Why is matchmaking doing 4v5 matches? I think some guys on discord reported having a 4v4 match.
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@kraeyq Pretty sure this only happens when players connect then leave, my buddy had a game where he was 2v5 and almost won. Currently there is no penalty for leaving matches and not rejoining.

@hthc-galthor The provided games were initially missing a player on the initial load into the game. This isn't just players dropping but not enough players to even start the game being put into a match. This is a big problem with even getting matches started let alone keeping your team together if they just decide to up and leave mid match.

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I am not a fan of the possibility of tied rounds. Having a symmetrical game mode is only important if you don't want to have to play on both sides equally many rounds. I would be interested in testing firefight where one team starts with controlling B, to force the action.

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