I actually appreciate a lot of the fixes so far. About a 24 hours of playtime, mostly competitive, I've noticed the following...
Some points I have already said but still stands.

  1. Please no mouse acceleration. Mouse Accel is the death of all games that have it.

  2. In the game settings there is still no way to disable the chat "tacticool" radio filter, this is very annoying and makes it difficult to communicate with teammates who you can already barely hear.

  3. Party system for competitive does not function. If you could queue with 9 other friends and play a match either comp or private this would be an improvement for Pick Up Games. Parties also seem to not be with individuals.

  4. Competitive game lobbies need a "ready" button to avoid all the AFK or none connecting players.

  5. Competitive maps have a playable area that's too large, this should be shrunk to balance the mode.

  6. With Push, defenders get shafted by Out of Bounds, this makes the game mode greatly favour Attackers. The whole game mode feels very imbalanced.

  7. As the Commander it's very difficult to find your Observer, I don't know if a larger icon and a map marker would help.

  8. Commander support options lag the hell out of the game for everyone and tank performance. I would like to see other modes where the commander didn't have these OP options.
    If commanders had something non lethal, like a UAV surveillance, or map jammer this would add more flexibility. Smoke mortars are nice.

  9. Versus games and servers are very un-optimized at the moment, I know y'all are working on it but as soon as I see a player and try to shoot them, there's ADS lag and the frames take a tank. There seems to be a lag when ADS'ing. Anytime there are lots of players on screen or nearby performance gets crazy bad as well. This also forces a meta of having an automatic gun vs. a semi.

  10. Hijab for security is immersive but results in many team kills. OPFOR should be the only ones with scarves IMO, Why would you want your teams to look similar, this is confusing for players.

  11. An automatic M16 would be great, current meta has killed the M16 and rendered it useless. Burst is terrible, and shouldn't ever be used, semi used to be meta but that was in the old Insurgencies when it was 1 or 2 hit kills.

If you want a level playing field while there's lag and hit reg issues this is your only option.

  1. After most matches myself and other players have not received after match exp or currency. I also would like to see a large bonus for Competitive, I feel this would help the Comp appeal to more players.

  2. I'm not sure how the match making finds players for games, but it seems grossly inefficient. Taking forever to find matches.

  3. If the Insurgents could rock some shorts and flip flops that'd be cool. I want to be a tactical dad. And if there was a red head band for Security players could be Rambo. Why is there no red?

  4. RPG's and 203's don't penetrate walls or thin barriers, but if they hit ANYWHERE near you it's game over. They're both OP and weak at the same time.

  5. The distance you through grenades makes me feel as if this is a Baseball Simulator. Am I A-Rod?
    But other than that the physics is nice.

  6. Pistols seem to have a lot of recoil and are difficult to control. Compensators seem to help a little. But a pistol only rush isn't feasible.

  7. US West and US East show very high pings, but the competitive MM seems to run fine. I don't know the quality of servers y'all used or the load they could handle so this could change on release.

  8. There's a bug that makes molotovs and incendiary grenades invisible.

Thank you, keep up the good work.

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