[BUGS] by B14CK_H4WK Beta1
  1. mini gunner heli causes crazy server lag
  2. no ones ping is consistent in any servers
  3. crouch slide bug is still in the game (you can slide and then hit jump and never slow down and just keep doing to move faster)
  4. hit reg is really bad it was way better in the alpha for some reason
  5. need a key bind to quick throw grenades
  6. after getting killed if you don't click anything you can free spectate
  7. on a PC with dual screen sometimes when tabbing in and out will cause the game to randomly switch to another screen
  8. game doesn't actually run in full screen mode even though it will be set to full screen and look like full screen ( i know this because when you first launch the game gsync doesn't enable until you ALT-Enter twice)
  9. need a option to disable mouse acceleration
  10. when disabling mouse acceleration via the config file, overall game performance is some how slightly better based on FPS and lag
  11. sometimes when previewing a shirt or something without buying it, it will still show on the main menu that you have the shirt or item that you never bought but previewed.
  1. Guns and grenades are sometimes hard to pick up from the ground and require multiple attempts
  2. RPG doesn't allow you to scope in if you pick one up from the ground