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First off, frenzy on an assassin is awesome as instead of taking your second block where it would otherwise be a red die or a one die, you can stab instead- which in of itself is probably wrong or an interpretation of the rules I'm not aware of. However, if you blitz with assassin with frenzy, and surf someone, it won't allow you to move the rest of your movement for some reason. Not a major flaw as probably like 3 people in the history of BB takes frenzy on an assassin... or takes an assassin at all.

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The second-block-stab is legit, but a blitz where you don't stab should allow you to continue moving.

I didn't know this about a frenzy assassin very interesting

so let me understand , a frenzy works like a multiple stab on the same target ? Do you have to move or just double stab from a static position ? So presumably we can t take multiple block and frenzy ?

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@dragonloup no. You frenzy like normal, and you can take a block the first time, and if you get push push, or push whatever, instead of making a second block, you can choose to stab instead.

fair enough , where can i found the rule about being able to stab instead of the second block . I am having a bit of discussion with my league partner and i like to have a clear rule reference to point them to to avoid any further argument about the block stab on frenzy .

@dragonloup I don't have BB2016 which is the most current rules, but if you google competition rule pack blood bowl there is a pdf of the CRP (the older but most recent set of rules BB2016 took the place of.) But nowhere in it does it mention being able to stab on second block other than in the description of Frenzy skill "Unless otherwise overridden, you must make a second block." So, Stab must override Frenzy.

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From Stab:

This player may attack an opponent with his stabbing attack instead of
throwing a block.


Frenzy (General)
A player with this skill is a slavering psychopath who attacks his
opponents in an uncontrollable rage. Unless otherwise overridden, this
skill must always be used. When making a block, a player with this skill
must always follow up if he can. If a 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles'
result was chosen, the player must immediately throw a second block
against the same opponent so long as they are both still standing and
adjacent. If possible, the player must also follow up this second block. If
the frenzied player is performing a Blitz Action then he must pay a
square of Movement and must make the second block unless he has no
further normal movement and cannot Go For It again.

So the player would declare a Block Action and choose with the first block to either block or to use Stab "instead of throwing a block".
If he uses Stab there is no Pushed or Defender Down result and there is no pushback, so the Stab ends the Block Action.
If he blocks then the first block happens as normal and we come to the second block. The same logic applies: he may block or use Stab "instead of throwing a block".

I guess so. But I imagine if I tried that shit at a TT game, it would result in a 20 minute argument with the opponent. They'd argue "...must immediately throw a second block." Must is non-arguable. Immediately is before doing anything else. I'm just saying, it's a gray area that could be argued either way.

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"if...must" is conditional; the "must" does not exist in isolation. It's been clarified multiple times by the people who wrote the rules.

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