SH: Deathwing 2017... 2024... NEVER.

Last chance from me to save yourself...

So I've been pretty patient, I think. I've waited for news calmly. Not a word from you, except the same annoying Steam Sale tweet. Which at this point is bordering on insult. Honestly I enjoyed your game on PC and I was looking forward to purging xenos filth on console with some friends who don't PC game because they don't have the time for it. I got them excited about the console release showing them the PC version at my house and sending them Chapter Master Valrak videos. Basically I was doing your job for you. In my gaming circle you had 5-6 guaranteed console sales. Which isn't a million sales but people play with their friends. We had all committed to pickup SH: Deathwing. I got all my console gaming crew to preorder on Amazon.

Your lack of any communication has made me so mad that I am rethinking buying it on console at all. As my friends and I decide what games we are going to buy together, I'm having difficulty feeling like I should further endorse your game. In fact I am on the very verge of discouraging everyone from picking this up. I campaigned hard for you to family, friends, and co-workers. If the game is dead on arrival and not coming out say so. Admit defeat with some dignity. This is a disservice to Games Workshop fans and the SHD community. I plan to write a letter to GW encouraging them to never license you a game again. Maybe I will get enough signatures on Reddit that they will take any future licenses from you including Necromunda. If you think you're some how immune... You don't know your GW history very well. I personally won't be excited for another game to come out of your studio again. In fact I plan to avoid it. To be honest my love of Warhammer 40K is the ONLY reason I've been here this long. It's sad... I've had more news about Red Dead 2 that's coming out next year than I have a game that was SUPPOSED to be coming out this year. Well guess what Monday is?

Here is my request before I abandon you.

  1. Make an announcement! Good or bad, don't be like the A-Holes at Gazillion Entertainment.

I make your words mine, word by word.

As you, i´ve been very patient. Look how was my post in the old forum, when someone post with fury, y tried to relax him, telling him to be patient...

And look finally how they treat us...

If you do a letter or Reddit, i´ll put my signature.

Great to know. I think they have really neglected the GW fan base. I would be happier to know the game was cancelled than to be ignored any longer.

I am giving them until the end of 2017 to have a full update. The last time I asked for an update was Nov 28th. Here we are over 30 days later not one word. If I don't have it by then we get to have a social media crusade on behalf of the Emperor. The Emperor and the Chaos Gods would agree they have done a terrible job with the community. I also have someone at Kotaku in my address book... maybe they need a story. Maybe if we create an Eye of Terror size crap-storm for them they will notice us.

Challenge Accepted...

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