Optimise the game

For the love of god the game can not run smoothly. even with the lowest graphics settings possible the game fails to reach 30 fps.

Could you please let us know the specs of the PC you're playing on?

im running the game with
i5 7400k
gtx 1050 4g gamingx
8G RAM3200
fps in game is 80 but most of time it keeps lagging badly and fps drop from 80 to 5 really fast

the game looks good but it needs more work if you do what it needs the game gonna be amazing
thank you

@blurfish5 I have 1050 TI too and I encounter the same fps drops especially in the begginning of the game, but I noticed that the game uses the GPU mostly, cpu is only around 50%, and when the fps drops occur, the GPU usage is 0%.

I dont want to make a new topic for this so i leave my experience here.

I had about 15-25 fps at very low graph in 900p. The wolf running around me (happened for like 5 mins) while in vehicle, also following when i drive away. When i exit the car, the wolf made 2 and a half circle before the attack (wtf). Weather was fog.

Ryzen 2400g 3.85ghz
16 gb gskill trident 3733
msi b350m
windows 10 pro
24.20.12019.1010 amd vega 11

So the game is totally unplayable for me, fps drop at every move, drops to ~8 while driving, also looks too foggy (without fog weather too.. :D) at low settings. I deleted it, ty for let me try the beta. 🙂

Honestly my pc is alright

CPU: AMD FX 6300 4.1GHZ
RAM Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050TI 4GB
PSU Corsair 750w

My pc isnt too bad but when I play this game I get 0-30fps on minimum graphics. Most of the time i get a solid frame rate but, when i get shot or sometimes lag spikes occur at random I hit 0-5fps. These stutters make the game very hard to play.

A fix would be greatly appreciated.